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Events April-July 2017

Please note that more dates will be added and occasionally some dates may change. Thanks


April 24th Staff INSET Day

April 25th Welcome back children! Breakfast Club from 7.45-8.30am

and Goldstar OSC begin daily from 3pm -6pm. Music lessons recommence today. Weekly Y6 Transition afternoons commence

April 26th Big Draw for Class 4. KS1 Choir rehearsals begin

April 28th KS2 Choir rehearsals begin

May 1st May Day holiday

May 2nd Friends of St Norbert's PTA Meeting at 7.30pm

May 4th Flutter and Fly Reception Choir Workshop

May 5th MP Andrew Percy to meet with Class 5. Y5 cycling in the playground

May 6th Melwood Pilgrimage-ask for details

May 8th SATs begin

May 9th Y5 cycling in Crowle

May 15th Governors SDP Committee meeting

May 17th Young Enterprise Day

May 18th Friends of St Norbert's PTA Beetle Drive from 6pm

May 19th May Rosary Procession in honour of Our Lady. Y5 cycling in Crowle. Class 5 Collective Worship

May 22nd STEM in Class 2. Y5 cycling in Crowle. Music Festival Week

May 23rd STEM Class 3

May 24th STEM Class 4 Cycle Test Y5

May 26th Half Term holiday begins at 3pm


June 5th Welcome back children!

June 6th St Norbert's Feast Day. Governing Body meeting.

June 8th Travel Plan Committee meeting

June 9th STEM Class 5

June 12th Staff INSET Day -school is closed

June 13th Bags2school collection

June 14th We welcome an Athlete for a day

June 15th Crucial crew

June 17th Summer Fayre

June 19th Class 4 Pedestrian skills NoLCAT meeting

June 21st Lincs Show. Sacrament of Reconciliation 2pm in Church for children who will make their first Holy Communion on June 25th

June 22nd Lincs Show

June 23rd Class 4 Collective Worship

June 25th (Sunday at 11.15am) First Holy Communion in Church of St Norbert













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June 26th Collective Worship with Rev Paul Braisdell

June 28th School Games Day (pupils only)

June 29th Skip for Life!

Parents workshop: Behaviour Detective (to support children's good behaviour) 6.30pm-9pm

June 30th Class 4 Pedestrian skills

Class 3 Collective Worship

July 3rdInduction Day in school. NAX Induction Day for Y6

July 4th Governance Review

July 5th Artsmark Drama Performance

July 7th Class 2 Collective Worship

July 7th Rights Respecting Conference

July 10th Sports Day rehearsal

July 12th Sports Day

July 14th Class 5 Collective Worship

July 17th School Parents' Meetings.

Parents' Meeting for new Reception Children at 7pm

July 18th Parents afternoon

July 20th Picnic Lunch

July 21st Art Exhibition

July 24th Art Exhibition

July 25th Leavers' Mass. Last day of term. School closes at 3pm.

Events Sept - Dec 2017