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Events April-July 2018

Please note that more dates will be added and occasionally some dates may change. Thanks


April 16th Welcome back children! Breakfast Club from 7.45-8.30am

and Goldstar OSC begin daily from 3pm-6pm. Music lessons recommence today. Choir Rehearsals continue.

April 18th Pedestrian skills for Class 4

April 19th Day of the Eucharist. All families welcome for Mass at 10am with Benediction after Mass. Cycling pm for Y5. Writing event for all Y6 at Crowle Primary.

April 20th Athlete for a Day!Team GB pole-vaulter Andy Sutcliffe visits.

April 23rd Y6 carrying out WOW route audit at 1pm. All after school clubs begin this week. Puberty meeting for Parents at 6.30pm

April 24th Cycling for Y5. PTA meeting at 7.30pm

April 25th Pedestrian Skills for Class 4. Mrs Winder to meet Y6 at 2pm

April 26th Cycling Y5

April 28th KS2 Choir rehearsals begin.

April 30th PSCO Darius Cook to visit class 5 at 2.15pm

May 1st Diocesan RE Advisor David Quinn visits us for the day

May 2nd Y2 Writing Workshop for Isle Collaborative Trust meets

May 4th MP Andrew Percy to discuss political issues with Class 5

May 5th Melwood Pilgrimage-ask for details

May 7th May Day Holiday

May 8th Y5 cycling KS1 Invasion Games at the Pods

May 10th Ascension Thursday Holyday of Obligation Mass in Church

May 11th Cycling Y5 Beetledrive-doors open 5.30pm to begin at 6pm

May 14th SATs week begins for Y6 Spelling and Grammar

May 15th SATs Reading Paper Cycling for Y5 pm

May 16th SATs Maths

May 17th SATs Maths, Royal Wedding Lunch; Cycle Test pm Y5; School Development Plan Meeting at 5.30pm. Governors Meeting at 7pm

May 18th Rosie Scotting Librarian returns for Book Talk. 'Tennis for Kids'. Class 4 Collective Worship

May 21 Choirs rehearse for competition next week.

May 22nd Infant Choir at the Baths' Hall.Crumble Engineering Club. Our Digital Leaders to Althorpe and Keadby School

May 23rd Junior Choir at 'The House'

May 24th. Hymers Triathlon Classes 4 and 5

May 25th May Rosary Procession in school grounds (weather permitting) or in Church at 1.30pm.

Half Term holiday begins at 3pm











Events Sept - Dec 2018

June 4th Welcome back children! Lord and Lady interviews for Crowle Show at 1.30pm

June 5th Y3 and 4 Writing Workshop for Isle Collaborative Trust Teachers

June 6th St Norbert's Feast day; STEM Class 4; Quad Kids at Quibell Park. Y5 and Y6 Parents' Maths Workshop

June 8th Y5 and Y6 Kwik Cricket at Normanby Hall

June 12th Parents' Lunch; Resource Committee Meeting at 7pm; Science Show for KS2at 1.15pm

June 13th Summer Sports' Day at App Frod (for children only)

June 14th Nursery Taster 12-1.30pm

June 15th A Healthy Me Day 2-all classes am;

June 16th Summer Fayre 11.30-2pm Theme: Musicals!

June 18th Sports' Day Practice am;  School Transition pm

June 19th Dads and boys 11am RSE 11.30am Mums and girls

June 20th Lincolnshire Show Y5 and Y6 group 1; Class 4 Ancient Greeks school visit to York.

June 21st 8.30am-10am Nursery Taster; Lincolnshire Show Y5 and Y6 group 2.

June 22nd Our Sports Day for Classes 3, 4 and 5

June 25th National Sports' Week. Strider visit; PE Maths day

June 26th School Games Day (for children only)

June 27th Our Early Years' Sports' Day for Classes 1 and 2

June 28th 10.50amTravel Plan Committee Meeting with Richard Hall; 12-1.30pm Nursery Taster

June 29th Saint Peter and Paul Mass at 10am; Collective Worship led by Class 5 at 2.30pm

July 2nd School Transition morning; Reserve Sports Day (Classes 3, 4 and 5)

July 3rd All Stars KS2 at the Pods1pm-3pm

July 4th STEM Class 3; Sports Force Day 2

July 5th 9.30am-10am Nursery Taster

July 6th STEM Class 2; Class 3 Collective Worship

July 9th STEM Class 5-for the week! Induction evening for new Reception at 6pm

July 10th Governors' Meeting at 7.30pm

July 11th Nursery Stay and Play 8.30am-11.30am and12-3pm

July 12th Nursery home visits from 1pm; School Development Planning meeting at 5.30pm

July 13th 10am Leavers' Mass in Church. Families welcome

July 16th Gym Jam Jog; Parents' Afternoon(No Shining Stars)

July 17th Treat!    

July 18th Share the Journey (Walk with CAFOD) Parents' Evening 4pm-7.30pm

July 19th Leavers' Disco

July 20th Close for Summer at 3pm. Have a lovely holiday!





Events Jan - Mar 2019