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Events Sept - Dec 2017

Tuesday September 5th  Welcome back children! Cycle Tour!

Sept 6th   Whole-school Collective Worship-Democracy

Sept 7th  Shining Stars begin afternoon on Mon and Thur

Sept 8th   Altar Servers' Training

Sept 12th   Library Service Book Talk for all school; NAX          Roadshow at  3.30pm

Sept 14th  Prepedal Training EYFS and KS1 weekly from today

Sept 15th  Class 4 'Stone Age' visit

Sept 20th ESafety Training in every class;parents invited to 2 workshops afternoon  and evening. Staff training 3.15pm

Sept 21st Crumble Training for Ambassadors

Sept 25th Reverend Paul leads Collective Worship;Nursery Parents' Meeting

Sept 26th Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Conference

Sept 27th New Academy Trust meeting

Sept 28th Artsmark meeting

Sept 29th Good Behaviour Questionnaire

Oct 2nd STEM Class 2; Reverend Linesleads Collective Worship

Oct 3rd Friends of St Norbert AGM at 7.30pm

Oct 6th Harvest Celebration with Father  Neil as special guest   Oct 11th STEM Class 4; Badminton Tournament at NAX

Oct 12th STEM Class 5

Oct 13th STEM Class 3

Oct 19th Rhubarb Theatre Workshop and Production

Oct 20th Half Term break. Have a lovely holiday!

Tuesday Oct 31st  Welcome back children!

Nov 1st All Saints' Day Mass in Church

Nov 2nd Parents' Lunch

Nov 3rd Fire Safety for children (bonfire-night)

Nov 7th Bench-ball

Nov 10th Class 4 Collective Worship

Nov 12th Remembrance Services in Ealand and Crowle

Nov 13th Anti-bullying Week

Nov 14th Parents' Afternoon

Nov 16th Parents' Evening

Nov 17th Class 2 Collective Worship

Nov 20th Swimming begins for Class 4

Nov 22nd Nursery Taster Session 12-1.30pm

Nov 23rd Samaritan's Purse (Shoebox collection)

Nov 24th Adoremus: Day of the Eucharist. Benediction in church

               Class 5 Collective Worship 














Events Jan - Mar 2018 Events Sept - Dec 2016

Nov 27th Father Neil's induction at Holy Souls' Church

Nov 28th  KS1 Dodgeball Team at the Pods

Nov 29th Nursery Taster 8.30am -10am

November 30th Bingo!

Dec 1st Full Rehearsal Pied Piper

Dec 4th Dress Rehearsal Pied Piper 

Dec 5th 9.45am Performance for Greenacres Nursing Home and 6.30pm for parents

Dec 6th Nursery Taster 12-1.30pm

Dec 7th Performances at 9.45am and 6.30pm for parents and community

Dec 8th Feastday of the Immaculate Conception whole-school Mass at 10am in Church

Nursery Stay and Play 8.30am-11.30am or 12-3pm

Dec 11th Our Choir sing at Community Hall with Hatfield Brass Band from 7.30pm

Dec 13th Foundation Stage Nativity performances at 10am and 2pm

Dec 14th KS2 Party

Dec 15th Sparkly Family Disco from 6.30pm -9.30pm

Dec 16th Pantomime and Christmas Lunch!

Dec 17th School Mass at 10am

Events Apr - Jul 2018