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Events September - December 2019




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Events from Jan 2020

Please note that there may be occasional amendments and likely additions so keep checking!

September 3rd Welcome back children!

September 9th Clubs begin

September 10th New term Mass. Sadly this is Father Neil's last     Mass at St Norbert's as he moves to another Parish.

September 12th NAX Roadshow at St Norbert's 4 45pm

September 16th Governors' Catholic Life training in Lincolm

September 17th Governors' Meeting at 5.30pm

September 23rd Governors' SDP meeting

September 25th CAFOD visit 'No Tap' workshops for KS2

September 26th Class 5 visit Pollybell Farm

September 30th Launch of 'the God who speaks'

October 1st St Therese Feast Day Mass in Lincoln. 6 pupils to represent

October 4th Governors' Catholic Life Learning Walk

Collective Worship for the Community led by Class 4

October 10th Tom Baptist in school for the day

October 11th Interactive Rosary-livestream from Nottingham

October 18th Harvest Festival Celebration at 10am

Close for half term to return on Monday 28th October


October 28th Welcome back children!

November 1st All Saints Day  (Mass time to be confirmed)

November 3rd St Norbert's Church Autumn Fayre in school

November 4th Leading Lights training at St Augustine Webster

November 8th Class 5 Drugs awareness training

Collective Worship for the Community led by Class 2

November 10th Remembrance Sunday. School representatives lay wreaths at the two cenotaphs.

November 11th Anti -bullying Week

Work on our new Adventure Playground begins today

November 14th Live Lincs Little Seeds 'Letter through your Door.' from 5.30pm 

November 15th Collective Worship for the Community led by Class 5 from 2.30pm

November 18th Road Safety week

November 19th LGB Governors' Meeting at 6.30pm

November 20th UNICEF World Children's Day -Outright


November 21st Bingo! 6pm for 'eyes down' at 6.30pm

November 22nd National Youth Day (ndcys.com/youthfunday)

Collective worship for the Community led by Class 3

November 25th Parents' Consultation afternoon

November 26th Nursery Stay and Play 8.30am-10.30am

Parents' Consultation evening

November 27th Nursery Taster 8.30am-10.30am

November 28th Nursery Stay and Play 8.30am -11.30am

November 29th NSPCC Workshops

December 3rd KS2 Clay Angel Workshops

December 4th Foundation Stage Nativity am and pm

December 10th  KS1 and KS2 Christmas Performance for Greenacres Nursing Home and families with young children at 9.45am. Evening performance at 6,30pm for adults only.

December 11th Nursery Taster 12-2pm

December 12th KS1 and KS2 Christmas Performances at 9.45am and 6.30pm

December 13th Family Sparkly Disco from 6.30pm until 9.30pm

December 16th KS2 Christmas Party

December 17th KS2 Christmas Pantomime and Christmas Lunch

December 18th KS1 Party

December 19th Close for Christmas at 3pm


Welcome back on Tuesday January 7th for pupils