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School Council 2017-2018

Friends of St Norbert Parish Global Community School Council Safe School Ambassadors

The School Council work with Mrs Tonge and try to provide  improvements to the school.


School Council News


The School Council's role is to ensure that all the ideas of pupils are considered. We meet every week and sometimes with Mrs Tonge to discuss points raised in our meetings.

Last year, the School Council focused on the new school kitchen. We had a meeting with our extremely friendly cook, Mrs Marshall. We told her our favourite dishes.  We also told her our dislikes, which weren't very many and which have been acted upon. The School Council have also considered holding new theme days, where all children have the opportunity to taste food from various countries.

In one of our school council meetings we have been discussing new clubs for the school such as Photography and Streetdance for boys. Some people in the school have suggested new kits for the school. We have also thought about doing some fundraising for the adventure playground so it is more fun and exciting for everyone.


Chair and Vice

The School Council's new Chair is Niamh Noble with Mia Singh as Vice Chair.


How we chose the School Council

Each class listened to people who wished to be part of the School Council before voting.



Sports Ambassadors

The Sports Ambassadors work with the School Council. Our job is to lead and play games with all of the children who attend our school.

We try to encourage children to enjoy sport, to get outdoors and enjoy themselves.

Our team is aiming for more and more children to join in with our enjoyable activities throughout this term and the year ahead.

School Council


We also have Safe School Ambassadors appointed on an annual basis




Our new Leading Lights Liturgy Group was re-formed in 2017




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