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Safe School Ambassadors 2017-2018

The Safe School Ambassadors look after and take care of children. While the School Council improves our school, we take care of it. We try to make sure that St Norbert's is a place of happy times and memories. If you are upset, we try to help.


The Safe School Ambassadors operate a Good Buddy rota system to support any child who might feel lonely at break times. If friends have fallen out, a Good Buddy can be there to help.


We carry out termly questionnaires to find out the views of all pupils. If there are any concerns, the team work out ways to resolve them. We are glad to say that all the pupils feel happy in our school.


The Safe School Ambassadors attend Safe School Meetings throughout North Lincolnshire, together with their Safe School Mentor (Mrs Mell). This enables us to share good practice with children from other schools.


We have a weekly assembly during which Mrs Tonge reminds all of the children about how to keep themselves and others safe. Our school's Named Person is Mrs Mell.


We are thinking of ways to mark Anti-Bullying Week this November. We plan to remind all children again that it is fine to say 'no!' if you are asked to do something that causes concern or doesn't feel right.


As a 'Rights Respecting School' we know that everyone has the Right to have a good education. We make sure that other children are not preventing this in our school. Mags Smith, Leader of North Lincs Safe School Ambassadors, has visited us to discuss our ideas on 'rights'. She has asked us to contribute to a North Lincs newspaper on the subject.


September 2017


The Safe School Ambassadors are a comittee of children who help to keep everyone in the school feel safe and happy. So far, we’ve created three posters based on what we have agreed to do to keep ourselves safe.

We have completed a rota for the Good Buddies. The Good Buddies are a team of children who help to find a friend for anyone who is lonely. We have a 'Buddy System', where lonely children can ask us to help them to find a friend.

Each class has a Class Charter which contains rights which everyone in that class agrees to and helps us to ensure that everyone’s rights are being met.

If you have a question for the Safe School Ambassadors, please ask!



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