Safe School Ambassadors

The Safe School Ambassadors look after and take care of children. While the School Council improves our school, we take care of it.

We try to make sure that St Norbert’s is a place of happy times and memories.

If you are upset, we try to help.

The Safe School Ambassadors operate a Good Buddy rota system to support any child who might feel lonely at break times. If friends have fallen out, a Good Buddy can be there to help.

We carry out termly questionnaires to find out the views of all pupils. If there are any concerns, the team work out ways to resolve them.

We are glad to say that all the pupils feel happy in our school.

We have a weekly assembly during which Mr Dawson reminds all of the children about how to keep themselves and others safe.

We remind all children again that it is fine to say ‘no!’ if you are asked to do something that causes concern or doesn’t feel right.

Rights Respecting School

We are currently a ‘gold’ rights respecting school.

Children’s rights are learned, understood and lived here at St Norbert’s.

We hold regular meetings to make sure that every child’s needs are met in our school:

We made new Class and Dining Hall charters in September and made extra charters for playground and corridor too. We have lots of lessons about children’s rights, school assemblies and class assemblies.

In our Harvest celebrations, we promote the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child to parents and visitors. Article 24: every child has the right to the best possible health and nutritious food; Article 6 states that everyone has the right to live and governments must do all they can. We try to raise lots of money! 

We encourage children to learn their ‘birthday right’.

Mr Dawson’s birthday right is: ‘Governments must provide refugee children with special protection and assistance to help them access all their rights.

We also look after the needs of children in our country and in the rest of the world. We have discussed a few times with our MP, Mr Andrew Percy about what the Government are doing to help the refugee crisis and getting children’s rights met. He promised to take our views to Government. We have led some conferences as Ambassadors and invited a few different schools to learn more about the UNCRC.

We have held Rights Respecting Conference Days and plan to hold more very soon. Our previous ones have been a great success and several schools  attended. Everyone learned a lot from each other and made new friends too.

Previous feedback from everyone was wonderful and more schools in North Lincolnshire will soon start the journey to become Rights Respecting Schools.


To live life to the full, achieving the fulfillment of potential (spiritual, intellectual, physical, psychological, social, moral and aesthetic and religious capacities of each child).


To love and serve others by developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a communal transparent witness to the Gospel message of the love of God and neighbour, especially the poor and marginalized.


To learn through a commitment to academic excellence, relevant cross-curricular religious education and faith formation programmes, educating and engaging the whole child in all dimensions.