School Uniform

We want to focus on learning and remove the need for children to think or worry about what they might wear to school. We have a very clear uniform code and our school is renowned for smart, well-presented children. Please adhere to the uniform and do not buy things that are ‘a bit different’, such as fashion blouses or fashion skirts, as it undermines the uniform code and our efforts to keep costs low. Thank you for your cooperation.

Where to buy uniform

Ties and jumpers/cardigans are available from Shah’s, West Street, Scunthorpe. All other uniform is available from high-street shops.

Boys’ Winter Uniform

Plain black school trousers (no jeans/ studs), white shirt, dark green school jumper and green-gold striped school tie. Black socks and black shoes. No trainers are allowed.

Girls’ Winter Uniform

Plain-grey skirt or pinafore dress – not fashion wear (plain-black school trousers – no jeans/studs – are an optional extra), white shirt (long or short-sleeved), dark-green school cardigan, green-gold striped tie, white socks or grey tights and black shoes. No trainers are allowed. Hairbands and bobbles should be green.

Boys’ Summer Uniform

Black shorts or trousers, white short-sleeved shirt – which may be worn open-necked in warm weather, plainblack socks and black shoes or sandals. No trainers are allowed.

Girls’ Summer Uniform

Green and white short-sleeved gingham checked dress (checks not stripes), school cardigan, plain-white socks and black shoes or sandals. No trainers allowed.


All children must have white T-shirts, black shorts and black canvas plimsolls. In cold weather, children may wear black jogging bottoms or a black tracksuit. No trainers or ordinary footwear are/is allowed unless children are participating in an inter-school competition or otherwise advised. No logos, thank you – this is to ensure that our uniform remains affordable.


Green legionnaire-style hats can be purchased from the school. Please enquire at the office. Other sun hats are allowed.


Jewellery / Hairstyles

Jewellery – including earrings – is not allowed in school. Severe hairstyles, such as shaved or coloured hair, are not permitted. Children should not come to school wearing nail varnish, any piercing (including earrings) or with patterned socks. Girls or boys should keep long hair tied back; this reduces the spread of head lice, as well as keeping hair tidy.

Mobile Phones / Electronic Devices

For a number of reasons, these are not permitted and should not be brought in to school.