Religious Education

Religious Education


Please see the following policies for more information: 

Religious Education

Collective Worship 

Spiritual Development

Come and See

Our school uses the Come and See Religious Education programme.

For further information about “Come and See”, click here.

To download the Advent Term letter to Parents, click here.

To download the Lent Term letter to Parents, click here.

To download the Pentecost Term letter to Parents, click here.

Relationships, Health and Sex Education

Our Relationships, Health and Sex Education curriculum is based on the Journey in Love materials, as well as the ‘Life to the Full’ materials published by TenTen. These are available in school: please ask for the password.

You can find more information about the Relationships, Health and Sex Education curriculum at St Norbert’s by viewing our provision map: 

RHSE Provision Map

Our Year 6 children hold the Faith in Action Pin Award for their active faith and service.

Our Diocese, Parish and Catholic Life

St Norbert’s Church

Address: St. Norbert’s Priory
North Lincolnshire
DN17 4HL

Phone No. 01724 844895

Bishop Patrick’s Spiritual Themes

In Bishop Patrick’s 2018 Pastoral Letter to mark the start of a new Liturgical Year he outlined 3 themes that would become the Diocesan Priorities for the years ahead:


First of all, ENCOUNTER: I would like to ensure that people of all ages in our parishes, schools, and chaplaincies are helped to discover, or discover more deeply, the importance of a personal ENCOUNTER with Christ; so that they can become convinced that they are each loved by God and are invited to grow in their relationship with him. In particular I would like to see the development of times of Eucharistic Adoration in our parishes, schools and chaplaincies.

Secondly, DISCIPLESHIP: because of that personal encounter with Christ, I would like to encourage each of us to hear and respond to his invitation to be his DISCIPLES, to follow him more closely, and to seek to serve him generously in our daily lives.

Thirdly, MISSIONARY DISCIPLESHIP: that, with a greater recognition of, and openness to, the help, guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we can all become MISSIONARY DISCIPLES; faith-filled, joyful and outward-looking Christians who are growing in confidence to speak humbly of the difference that knowing Christ makes to our lives, and who bear witness to His love in our service of our brothers and
sisters, especially those most in need. The service to which Christ calls us is always the action of the Holy Spirit working in us.

Right Reverend Patrick Joseph McKinney, Bishop of Nottingham

Early Years and Key Stage 1 Christmas Nativity

This year, our Early Years and Key Stage 1 children performed their Christmas Nativity together. 

Key Stage 2 Christmas Nativity

Our Key Stage 2 Christmas Nativity this year was called ‘Miracle Child’ and featured everyone from Years 3 to 6. 

It was wonderful to see so many people join us to witness this special message during Advent.

Our Come and See Curriculum

Religious Education Expections

Children at St Norbert’s are assessed against the Diocese of Nottingham End of Year Expectations, the full content of which can be found by clicking here:

End of Year Expectations

Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers make our learning intentions clear for each Come and See theme. Please use the links below to explore what children will learn throughout the Pentecost Term in more detail:

Class 1

Good News     Friends     Our World

Classes 2 and 3

Holidays and Holydays     Being Sorry     Neighbours

Class 4

Energy     Choices     Special Places

Class 5

Transformation     Freedom and Responsibility     Stewardship


What do we teach and when?

Advent Term

Lent Term

Pentecost Term

Themes and topics

1. Domestic Church: Family
2. Baptism / Confirmation: Belonging
3. Advent / Christmas: Loving

1. Local Church: Community
2. Eucharist:
3. Lent / Easter:

1. Pentecost: Serving
2. Reconciliation:
3. Universal Church:


1. Myself
2. Welcome
3. Birthday

1. Celebrating
2. Gathering 
3. Growing

1. Good News
2. Friends
3. Our World

Year 1

1. Families
2. Belonging
3. Waiting

1. Special People
2. Meals
3. Change

1. Holidays and Holy Days
2. Being Sorry
3. Neighbours

Year 2

1. Beginnings
2. Signs and Symbols
3. Preparations

1. Books
2. Thanksgiving
3. Opportunities

1. Spread the Word
2. Rules
3. Treasures

Year 3

1. Homes
2. Promises
3. Visitors

1. Journeys
2. Listening and Sharing
3. Giving All

1. Energy
2. Choices
3. Special Places

Year 4

1. People
2. Called
3. Gift

1. Community
2. Giving and Receiving
3. Self Discipline

1. New Life
2. Building Bridges
3. God's People

Year 5

1. Ourselves
2. Life Choices 
3. Hope

1. Mission
2. Memorial Sacrifice
3. Sacrifice

1. Transformation
2. Freedom and Responsibility
3. Stewardship

Year 6

1. Loving
2. Vocation and Commitment
3. Expectations

1. Sources
2. Unity
3. Death and New Life

1. Witnesses
2. Healing
3. Common Good

Worship and Prayer

Our Prayer Garden

Our outdoor space has been developed so that we can now enjoy using the Prayer Garden.

The Gardening Club, led by Miss Tonge, has worked hard to improve this space – even visiting the garden centre to buy new plants.

All children in school have opportunities to participate in acts of worship here, including celebrating the Five Mysteries of the Rosary at each of the five rose pots.

Acts of Worship

Worship at Saint Norbert’s is an integral part of school life. 

From celebrating our May Procession together, to joyful whole-school Mass in Saint Norbert’s Church, we take every opportunity to encounter Christ and further develop our journey in faith. 

We participate in weekly whole-school acts of worship together, often inviting members of our community to join with us on these special occasions. 

Supported by our Leading Lights, collective worship is central to life in our school. 

Virtues To Live By

During the Pentecost Term, we continue to promote the Catholic virtues of ‘Perseverance and Resilience’, ‘Kindness’, ‘Honesty’ and ‘Service’.

Virtues To Live By

We promote Catholic virtues to deepen understanding and appreciation of the essential role these play in the education of the whole person towards human flourishing. The virtues chosen are common across cultures and faiths, but are sourced from the Christian tradition.

Leading Lights

Leading Lights Liturgy Group

Our dedicated group of Leading Lights work hard to promote Catholic Life and worship within our school community. 

From whole-school Masses to child-led acts of worship within classrooms, the Leading Lights help us to encounter Christ. 

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