Welcome to Class 3

Years 1 & 2

Welcome to Class 3’s page!

Choral Speaking Winners!

We are so proud of our KS1 Choral Speaking group, who achieved first place in the Scunthorpe Speech and Drama Festival on the 10th March 2022. 

Choral speaking is a skill and Class 3 have shown great potential. We have also really enjoyed learning the poems too!

Our Literacy learning

In Literacy this term, our learning will focus around our class novels: ‘Omnibombulator’ by Dick King-Smith and ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’ by Jill Tomlinson.

We will use these to develop our knowledge of adjectives and create detailed character descriptions.

Class 3 will use these books and knowledge of animals from science to write non-chronological mini-beast reports and bug poems.

Our work in Geography

In geography our topic of polar bears or penguins is about the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

We have investigated how inuit people live on the ice and looked at the importance of this ice.

Our second geography topic is called ‘Sun Hats or Umbrellas?’ and we will learn about weather and the four seasons.

Our work in History

In History this term, Class 3 will be learning about two women who have made a significant difference to other people’s lives: Rosa Parks and Elizabeth Fry. This will lead to children planning to make a difference in other people’s lives.

The second history topic for this term is the Great Exhibition of 1851. We will find out more about Queen Victoria and Prince Albert from a range of sources.

Our work in RE

In RE our first topic is special people. We have explored the special people in our lives and in the parish family. We will also learn about the special roles members of the church family have during mass.

Our next topic is meals. We will learn about the special meals we have and the people we share them with. We will discuss and retell the Last Supper as well as describing grace we say before meals.

Our final topic for lent term is change. We will explore some of the ways we act because of our faith and how lent is a time to change and prepare for Easter. As part of this topic we will read and retell the Palm Sunday story, the Good Friday Story and the Resurrection story.

In Class 3 we also take part in weekly collective worships as a whole school, as a class and a joint collective worship with Class 2.

Our work in Science

This term in science we are exploring plants and habitats.

We are going to observe a bulb as it grows throughout the term.

Class 3 are going to investigate the parts of flowers, the process of pollination and apply this knowledge to the lifecycle of a dandelion.

We are also going to learn about the different habitats, which animals live in these habitats and the characteristics insects have which enable them to live in their habitat.

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