Welcome to Class 3

Years 1 & 2

Welcome to Class 3’s page!

In Literacy this term, we will be focusing on traditional tales.

We will be reading many different versions of traditional tales and then using our own imaginations to innovate a new version.

Our main focus will be on a story called ‘Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion’.

Our History topic will start with exploring toys from the past.

We will be looking at how games have changed throughout time and talking to older family members about the games they used to play when they were children. 

We will be looking at the different materials that games were made from in the past and what they are made of now.

We will also be learning the rules to play games like ‘Jacks’ and ‘Tiddly Winks’.

In RE, our first topic is ‘Books’.

We will explore the different books we use at home and at school, and the ones used in Church on Sunday by the parish family.

We will then move onto our topic of ‘Thanksgiving’, where we will learnthat there are many different ways to say thank you and that the parish family celebrates the Eucharist to thank God for Jesus. 

Our final topic of the Lent term is ‘Opportunities’. We will explore how each day offers opportunities for good and that – during Lent – we are given the opportunity to turn towards what is good in preparation for Easter.

In Science, we will continue to look at seasonal changes.

We have previously looked at the changes from Summer to Autumn and Autumn to Winter and will now be focusing on the changes from Winter to Spring. 

We will be keeping a weather diary and measuring the temperature outside to see how much it increases in term. We will also be focusing on animals and why some animals need to hibernate in the winter whist other do not.

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