Welcome to Class 4

Years 3 & 4

Welcome to Class 4’s page!

Year 3 and 4 have been working hard this term. We are thankful to be able to be back in school.

We loved inviting our parents to our Collective Worship all about Homes. We remembered Saint Paul’s message by singing a song called ‘Patience’, and by writing and performing our own drama sketches which gave helpful examples of how to live in our homes. We even wrote our own poems and changed the words to the Madness song ‘Our House’ to link with our theme!

We created our Class Charter, which helps us remember ‘respect and courtesy’ for everyone in school.

This year, we represented ourselves as merged animals (animal avatars) and the adults that work in Class 4 as scientists. We love science, and have participated in practical investigations. In one, we found out that the higher the sun appears in the sky the shorter the shadow.

We now know that the apparent movement of the sun is due to the movement of the earth. We enjoyed measuring our shadows and being outdoors.

We have learned a song which teaches us how to make bread. We performed it during our Harvest Festival wearing chef hats.

We are looking forward to making bread now we know how to – we already have our hats! We will be experimenting with different flavours and shapes – delicious!

Our trip to Murton Park taught us all about the Stone Age! We went back thousands and thousands of years. It was an exhausting day: hunting, making clay pots, cave drawing, ploughing fields and grinding wheat to make bread. How incredible to discover how differently people lived! We learned so much.

Stig of the Dump is our Class novel, which is helping us with our creative writing. We enjoyed making woolly mammoths out of milk cartons.

RE in Class 4

We always make time to encounter Jesus and to help others encounter Jesus in our school. We regularly plan individual child-led and class Liturgies and carry out our mission.

Members of our Class have worked hard in maintaining our prayer garden. We have an altar and space for quiet reflection.

We recently planted lots of bulbs which we are looking forward to see sprouting up in spring. This helps us to look after our wellbeing as we love nature and being outdoors.

Currently, we are working on reading music and learning how to play recorders. We are also learning words and phrases in French to greet others.

Our Advent Term Religious Education 2021

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