Welcome to Class 4

Years 3 & 4

Welcome to Class 4’s page!

Year 3 and 4 continue to work hard this term. 

We are looking forward to inviting you to our next Collective Worship, based on the virtue of “Simplicity” – one that will help teach you what really matters in life. “For where you treasure is, your heart will be.” (Matthew 6:21)

We are learning two meaningful songs to sing to you that will help you appreciate the simple things in life, besides creating our own drama sketches to enhance our Class Collective Worship.

Our work in Geography

Our focus in Geography has been on maps and we have also been looking for signs of technology around Crowle.

We have produced a bird’s eye view of the class and a key to demonstrate our findings.

We have identified ordnance survey symbols and have started designing our own symbols.

We are now moving on to look at the regions of the UK.

Linking Design Technology to other subjects

We are reading a range of Dahl and Morpurgo books to help with our DT project. We will design a smoothie with a character and theme based on the books we read.

We will also explore Kit Wright’s poem ‘The Magic Box’ and make our own box. We will need to use our accurate, measuring maths skills to ensure our boxes are the correct measurements.

To help write our own descriptive poem, we have been exploring poetic features such as: alliteration, onomatopoeia, simile, repetition and metaphor.

Our visit to Murton Park

Our trip to Murton Park taught us all about the Stone Age! We went back thousands and thousands of years. It was an exhausting day: hunting, making clay pots, cave drawing, ploughing fields and grinding wheat to make bread. How incredible to discover how differently people lived! We learned so much.

Stig of the Dump is our Class novel, which is helping us with our creative writing. We enjoyed making woolly mammoths out of milk cartons.

Religious Education in Class 4

We always make time to encounter Jesus and help others encounter Jesus in our school. We regularly plan liturgies and carry out our mission.

We have explored the Liturgical Year so we know what happens during certain times of the Church’s Year. Members of our Class have worked hard in maintaining our prayer garden and encouraging wildlife.

We like to use the outdoor space for quiet reflection. We were excited to see the bulbs planted last year have sprung up and given us some colour back in the garden. This helps our wellbeing, as we love nature and being outdoors.  

Our work in Music

We continue to read music and enjoy playing recorders.

We recently learned how to play a round. We invited Class 2 into our Class as they were curious about the sounds coming from our Class.

We had the opportunity to play our pentatonic scale composition for our visitors.

Physical Education and Science

During our ‘Healthy Me’ focus we have been skipping regularly to meet our challenges; we are also thinking carefully about what we eat using “No, Woah and Go!”

 We learned that the circulatory system is made up of three parts: the heart, blood vessels and the blood itself. We tried to map this out using playdough although we got rather sticky!

We are now examining types of rocks for our new science topic and have designed our own investigations.

Other curriculum work

We enjoy having short conversations with one another in French and battling each other on the Interactive White Board!

We have been studying Celtic art such as weaving and made Celtic crosses with clay. We are preparing to learn about how the Romans invaded Britain by studying timelines.

We are using the iPads more independently to access DB Primary and help us research with all our topics.

We had some good questions linked to vocations to ask the police when they popped in to visit us.

We need to remember to keep logging on to Sum Dog and Rockstars to learn our times tables.

Our Lent Term Religious Education Curriculum 2022

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