Welcome to Class 5

Years 5 & 6

Welcome to Class 5’s page and to our new website! 

We hope that you will find this useful and that our page will give you a good idea about the sorts of activities and experiences we enjoy in our class. 

Our previous class novel was Private Peaceful – a book we really enjoyed. We learned a lot about life at the time of the First World War and were able to discuss the very different characters in this story.

Our Christmas performance was called ‘Christmas 1914’ – based on the true story of the temporary truce called between the British and German soldiers on that first Christmas Day during World War 1. 

We worked really hard to learn and perform our parts; these were filmed and our finished production was shared on YouTube for families to view. 

As we begin the Lent term, our new class novel is ‘Once’ – a brilliant book, written from the perspective of a Jewish orphan in Poland at the time of the Second World war.

This is always a favourite of children in Class 5 and we are really enjoying it so far. The author – Morris Gleitzman – was even born in Lincolnshire!

Our class novels are really important; it is through these carefully-chosen books that we learn to structure our own writing in different ways. The themes of our books also help us to learn more about the world around us and our shared history. 

Reading is an essential life skill. All children have their own green Reading Record Books and we encourage parents/carers to listen to children reading on a regular basis. 

Our Lent term Religious Education 2021

Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance

We aim to prepare children not only for the next stage of their journey through education, but also for the career pathways they may follow as they move into adulthood.

We have been learning about the huge variety of jobs in the NHS, as well as challenging some of the ideas we might have about jobs for men and women. 

We continue to learn about the 13 Enterprise Skills and how developing these skills might improve our chances of success.  

The thirteen Enterprise Skills: 

Teamwork, risk, negotiation, communication, creativity, positive attitude, initiative, organisation, problem-solving, leadership, making ethical decisions, financial literacy, product and service design.

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